{"version":"20150408","show_thumbnails":false,"items":[{"id":67,"url":"http:\/\/www.themarcjames.com\/post-3\/","url_meta":{"origin":57,"position":0},"title":"Glam Doll Donuts","date":"December 31, 2015","format":false,"excerpt":"Here it is! I had the awesome ladies of Glam Doll Donuts over for coffee, donuts and a chat. \u00a0If you live in the Twin Cities and haven\u2019t been to Glam Doll Donuts on Nicollet avenue, then I suggest you go there now and thank me later. Glam Doll has\u2026","rel":"nofollow","context":"In \"Donuts\"","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]},{"id":716,"url":"http:\/\/www.themarcjames.com\/the-occasional-wedding-photog\/","url_meta":{"origin":57,"position":1},"title":"The Occasional Wedding Photographer","date":"December 31, 2015","format":false,"excerpt":"Wedding photography is not for everyone. I myself would never be able to be just a wedding photographer but it is something I love to do, as long as I am picky about the people I choose to work with... Out of all of the things you spend money on\u2026","rel":"nofollow","context":"In \"Photography\"","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]},{"id":1,"url":"http:\/\/www.themarcjames.com\/hello-world\/","url_meta":{"origin":57,"position":2},"title":"My Top 10 Films of 2015","date":"December 8, 2015","format":false,"excerpt":"These are my Top 10 films for the year 2015. Now you may not care but I'm not including any movies\u00a0with a theatrical release in 2015 if they also had a limited release at the end of 2014. Technically it was released to the masses this year but I saw\u2026","rel":"nofollow","context":"In \"Movies\"","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]}]}